Frequently Asked Questions

I want to participate in the Festival. How can I do that?2023-01-25T14:29:54-05:00

For singing, please check HERE

For dancing, please check HERE

I would like to volunteer for the Festival. Where or how can I sign up?2023-01-25T14:30:48-05:00

Thank you for your interest!  Please get in touch with Selga Apse apse@sympatico.ca

Where to buy tickets?2023-01-25T14:24:37-05:00

Tickets will go on sale in November 2023.

Who is able to register for the festival?2023-09-26T09:40:30-04:00
  • Choirs and individuals who are part of an existing Latvian choir
  • There is no age restriction to participate
How can I register?2023-09-26T09:41:58-04:00
How can I reserve a hotel room?2023-01-25T14:24:05-05:00

Hotel rooms can be booked here

What are the necessary requirements when travelling to Canada to participate?2023-09-26T09:42:40-04:00
  • In order to travel to Canada, a tourist visa and Electronic Travel Authorization (Eta) will be necessary, and the application can be found in the link below:
  • In order to register you will need a suitable passport, credit card, a working email address and will need to answer a few questions in the link below
  • The link to Government of Canada website to apply for the Eta can be found here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/eta/apply.html
Are we able to arrive in Canada before the festival or to stay longer before flying home?2023-09-26T09:43:14-04:00

Of course! We encourage everyone to explore what Canada has to offer outside of the festival

Is there a registration fee?2023-09-26T09:43:35-04:00

Participants are not required to pay a registration fee for the festival

Who is responsible for airfare and accommodations for participants during the festival?2023-09-26T09:43:53-04:00
  • Each participant is responsible for their airfare and accommodations
  • We have reserved a block of rooms through the Toronto Sheraton Hotel and rooms can be reserved here – https://latviansongfest.com/accommodations/
  • We understand that the Sheraton may not be in everyone’s budget, so we are currently with alternate solutions that we will be able to offer our participants
  • It is recommended that participants look into their own alternative accommodations
Are we able to receive printed songbooks prior to the festival?2023-09-26T09:44:13-04:00
  • Printed songbooks are currently available in Canada, however we are able to ship songbooks all over the world. We ask that the requestor cover the cost of shipping
  • PDF versions of the songbook can be made available electronically upon request
Will voice recordings be made available?2023-09-26T09:45:09-04:00

This is a current work in progress and we plan to have them available by November 2023. We will be able to share these recordings via email with our participants

Will organized fieldtrips be made available?2023-09-26T09:45:19-04:00

We are currently working on organizing some trip possibilities. More information will follow.

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