The Folk Dance Spectacle

The festival will culminate in the Grand Folk Dance Spectacle, where spectators will enjoy a performance of over 700 dancers from all over the world. The program is full of beloved dances by choreographers such as Zigis Miezītis, Gunta Skuja, Jānis Purviņš, Jānis Ērglis, and others. Dagmāra Bārbale’s new dance “Ai, bagāta man zemīte” (Oh, my prosperous land) was choreographed specifically for this show!

The Guest Folk Dance Concert

The Guest Folk Dance Concert is your opportunity to delight in the lively dancing of one of Latvia’s top folk dance ensembles – TDA Teiksma, with artistic director Jānis Ērglis. Teiksma has prepared a unique program for this festival and will dance to the live music of Raxstu Raxsti. This concert is not to be missed by any Latvian folk dance aficionado!

The New Choreography Showcase

This year’s New Choreography Show will showcase more than twenty choreographers from eleven different cities in Latvia, Canada, and the United States. With this unique event, we are supporting Latvian dance artists while enriching our collection of folk dances. After the show, each audience member will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite dance.