🎯 Do participants have to pay for the events that they participate in?


No, you don’t have to purchase ticket or pay a participation fee. However, we ask that participants take care of their own meals.

We will provide lunch:

  • Thursday, July 4, 12:00 – 13:00, for the participants of the Sacred Music concert (choir, orchestra, soloists, musicians, conductors), @ St. Andrew’s church.
  • Saturday, July 6, 13:00 – 14:00, fort the participants of the mass choir concert “Let’s, lec, Letts!” (choir, orchestra, soloists, conductors)


🎯 What events can participants plan for when arriving in Toronto?


Participants are responsible for planning their own activities. The festival Market, Art exhibit and Artisan and Crafts exhibit will be free of charge at the festival hotel – Sheraton. Participants from Latvia will each receive a free ticket to the Festival Ball on Saturday. The festival organizers do not have the capacity to organize and provide excursions during the festival. We recommend that the participants do their own research on available commercial excursions, such as to the Niagara falls: https://www.niagaratorontotours.com/


🎯 When do we have rehersals?

Depending on which concerts you participate in, here is a list of rehearsals.


July 3:

 18:00-20:30    Sacred Music concert rehersal @ StA

July 4:

 9:00-12:00        Sacred Music concert rehersal @ StA

9:00-10:30         Festival opening ceremony rehersal @ Š

17:00-19:30      Mass choir rehersal @ StA

July 5:

8:00-11:30         Mass choir rehersal @ Š

8:00-13:00         Classic music concert rehersal @ StA

July 6:

8:00-13:00         Mass choir rehersal @ RTH

July 7:

10:00-13:00      Dance choir rehersal @ M